July 2020 Update

Dear Friends and supporters,


Hopefully in our recent letter mailed to our members and supporters, you know that our gift of "FREE" classical music to our thousands of youth and families in our San Fernando Elementary schools (our 3 Year Music Enrichment Program), is on hold with the given conditions of the virus. It is still unknown how our schools will operate this next year. Our Board has decided on what we CAN DO in these scary unknown times. HERE'S OUR PLAN: We need to raise sufficient funds to hire our professional musicians who perform at our schools to video chamber concerts that we can put on our website for our students and families and our supporters and donors as well.  The video would give our students and families opportunities to continue getting experience and exposure to classical music. All who check out our website will an opportunity to learn more about the Musical Education Program they support. The videos would also give all who go to our worldwide website an opportunity to learn about Inspiring Notes "FREE" Music Enrichment Program and could inspire them to join us in our mission by donating and joining Inspiring Notes as members, donors and/or volunteers!  You can conveniently donate with PayPal through our website at inspiringnotes.net. What a worldwide outreach this could give us!!!"


Please know that we will keep up with current conditions of the virus and will continue planning our music enrichment program around what is happening now--current conditions.

In the past 12 years:

We have given 27 San Fernando Valley schools Pre K - grades l - 5 and High School our "FREE" Music Enrichment Program and have served nearly 30,000 youth! 




Now is the time to see what more we can do in this historical year to continue giving our youth the gift of "FREE” Classical Music experiences and exposure.

To our knowledge, Inspiring Notes is the only charity giving our schools this kind of classical music enrichment program.


We believe that what the world needs most, especially now, is MUSIC!!!


Let's stay in touch! Communicate!!! Be safe, Be well!


My best to each of you,


Marge Roten

Marge Roten, President/Founder 



Again, we hope you are well and safe. We want to stay in touch with you in these challenging and scary times.  As of this date, you will receive our monthly newsletters on our website to promote ongoing communication. Until the virus leaves us, remember we can communicate by (1) email at inspiringnotes@aol.com, (2) website at inspiringnotes.net and (3) by telephone at either 818-780-2308 or 818-571-3116.  Please remember to send us your email to receive messages via Eblast.

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