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August 9, 2023

Dearest Inspiring Notes's Friends/Members/Donors,

As some of you may know, a sad news came to us last week, the passing of one of our
dear friends and Brass Section Leader in Inspiring Notes School Concerts-Roy
This past Sunday, Los Angeles Times featured Roy Wiegand's story "A Trumpeter's Life
of Philanthropy Ends with One Last Bike Ride." It told of Roy Wiegand and how he
raised money for riding 2,500 miles in the process raising $25,000 to help improve
access to clean drinking water for the Navajo Nation. His life of philanthropy and Music
ended when a truck hit him on his last ride raising funds for clean water for the Navajo
Roy Weigand was not only a philanthropist, but he was a musician who for 15 years led
the Inspiring Notes-Brass Section for 27 schools and 30,000 San Fernando Elementary
underserved youth that gave them experiences and exposure to classical music (and an
alternative to gangs and violence). Roy Weigand, the musician, made a lasting
difference in the Los Angeles Community and for our underserved youth and families in
the San Fernando Families.


May he rest in peace.



Marge Roten

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