Again, we hope you are well and safe.  As of this date, you will receive our monthly newsletters on our website to promote ongoing communication. Until the virus leaves us, remember we can communicate by


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(3) by telephone at either 818-780-2308 or 818-571-3116. 


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We hope this finds you well and safe. Fortunately, we were able to complete our 2019-2020- Music Enrichment Program for our (8) elementary school partners in the San Fernando Valley schools. Only (4) schools missed their last concert due to the covid virus. Now we are hopeful that in January of 2022 all students will return to school. If safe for all to return, we will be able to return to the (4) schools who did not complete our (3) year program in 2020.


Instrument Music was a "given" in all LAUSD elementary schools for many years. Some years ago, LAUSD cut instrumental music from all elementary schools. In 2008 (10) dedicated people who believed that our children from Pre-K - grade 5 should have instrumental classical music in their lives, founded Inspiring Notes a 50l (c) (3) charity to Music Enrichment Program. (Robin if I can come up with the number of schools, we have served will put this here.) If no exposure to instrumental music until middle school, it's often too late and we lose many students to other negative things such as gangs and guns and school dropouts.


Your donations of dollars and service for (12) years has made it possible to give the gift of classical music to over 30,000 youth K - grade 5 and their families possible. Our program is given to every child in the school. Each school gets (4) concerts a year for (3) years. All sections of a symphony orchestra are presented in the school auditorium (the theatre) to every child in our partner schools. Parents have opportunities to attend community concerts with their children FREE! These community concerts are help at First Presbyterian Church in Granada Hills.


Now we are hopeful that in January we will be able to return to the (4) schools who did not complete our (3) year program in 2020. Your donations fund this unique music enrichment program for our youth and their families. Fortunately, we have the funds to get started in January 2022 if it is safe and all students are back in school. However, we must also get started with fundraising for the remainder of the 2022 program for (4) schools. Here is how we plan to do that. We will have our annual Kickoff membership Drive and Mini Jazz Fest on October 24, 2021, given it is safe. (You will receive your invitation soon.)


In the near future we will be sending you our season brochure announcing another exciting year of musical events (again if it is safe to gather for these events.


As you may recall, Inspiring Notes received an award from Los Angles City in 2019 for our FREE Music Enrichment Program making a significant difference in our city of Los Angeles. We were honored at the Biltmore Hotel along with one other nonprofit charity. YOU, our members, businesses, our elected official in our community such as Sheila Kuehl, County Supervisor, Adrin Nazarian, State Assemblyman (and next-door neighbors and more who believe in our mission. What a difference it has made for our youth and community!


To keep growing with our gift of FREE music enrichment for our youth, their families and our community "it takes a village"! and so, this year our goal is to reach out and gain more community businesses. Our Board is committed to this cause. You too can join us. Share our mailings, check out our website at


Here are some other ways you might like to get on board and help support our mission and continue to build a more positive community: If you are interested please contact us and we would love to chat and have you help our amazing organization.

- Become a volunteer

- Help with mailings

-Telephone tree

-Invite your friends and neighbors to our musical events/fundraisers

-Maybe you can create another way to help volunteer. Share your idea.


Hope to see you at our Kickoff/Mini Jazz Fest on Sunday, October 24, 2021 in the Roten Garden in Van Nuys, California. (NOTE: We will be keeping up with California Guidelines re COVID 19 to ensure everyone’s safety!)

Contact for questions/more information:

818-780-2308. or.  818-378-7477


Looking forward to a safe and new beginning.


Marge Roten, Founder/President