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Dear friends, We start a New Year still in extraordinary times - the virus pandemic hitting California and history making times in our country! Our hope continues to be that we follow keeping our distance, wearing a mask and limiting our gatherings and get vaccinated. For these historical times in our country, we pray for peace.


When it is safe, we want to again give our children and community music! What the world needs most is music!!! (It calms the beast within our souls.)


It may take a while longer, but in time WE WILL BE BACK AGAIN with our School Music Enrichment Program. We are not alone in our mission. Since Los Angeles Unified School District cut instrumental music from the elementary curriculum some years ago, there are other organizations in Los Angeles giving our youth music enrichment programs. Inspiring Notes gives to youth and their families with our unique FREE Music Enrichment Program. Families come to our community concerts at First Presbyterian Church of Granada Hills (and other community venues. Inspiring Notes gives FREE tickets to the community events to all our selected three-year school programs. Our Inspiring Notes Enrichment Program for pre-K – grade 5 gives classical music concerts to our partner schools (4) concerts each year. It is a 3 Year partnership. To date we have served 35 elementary schools in the SFV and more than 35,000 elementary kids were exposed and experienced classical music in their school auditorium as their theatre. It is our hope that the virus will be under control and that we will be able to get back to our schools at least by Fall 2021 or earlier if safe. My friends, that means we need the support of our community to be prepared.


Here are some of the ways you can help us get ready:


  • Mail your check to our mailbox - or use Pay Pal

  • Make a donation (levels of giving):

Membership                                                          Donor (supporter) Gift Levels:

Individual....................$20                                           Benefactor................$5000

Family...........................$35                                          Inspirer.....................$2500

Business Annual..........$250                                     Patron.......................$1000




Note: from 2008 – 2017: Inspiring Notes also had an After School Mentoring Program for the school’s orchestra students. Professional musicians mentored small groups weekly after school. More than 400 elementary and some secondary students participated in this special program. Channel 2 and Channel 9 filmed this program at Beckford Elementary and it was a feature story on both channels. In 2017, Los Angeles Unified began charging for the use of the classroom to teach. Sadly, this Mentoring Program had to be dropped as it was not cost effective.


A bit of history: Our Inspiring Notes Music Program has planted many seeds the past 13 years giving our Los Angeles Community youth/families and the community great music right here in the valley in our backyards. Several years ago, we met a well-known musician and conductor, Carlo Ponti, performer and conductor. He joined our cause and donated funds to (3) of our partner schools - San Fernando, Cardenas and Pacoima Charter. Some of you experienced the 29 young violinists performance last year at First Presbyterian Church Granada Hills. These were kindergarten – grade 5 students and their performance of “Ode to Joy” to celebrate Beethoven’s 250th birthday “knocked our socks off”! This happened as a result of reaching out to the larger community to help us achieve our mission. Mr. Ponti continues to support Pacoima Elementary Charter school’s music program. See for yourself the results of the music seeds planted at this school. Go on line and watch the recent performance of more than l00 young violinist at Pacoima Elementary performing. This happened because Inspiring Notes met and reached out to Carlo Ponti to become a supporter of our Music Enrichment Program. (Of course, he since has made it possible for hundreds of other students in Los Angeles and other school districts to have music in their lives. (Again, see the online video.) 


Although you, our supporters in the Valley, have helped to plant many seeds for music for our youth, “It takes a village”. You, helped make this happen. You helped plant the musical seeds at Pacoima and all the other schools. There are other noteworthy stories from (35) past school partners.


While we are waiting for the virus to leave us and schools to open, let’s get ready to “jumpstart” our Music Enrichment Program. There are other youth music programs in our community, but there is none like Inspiring Notes!!! If you have suggestions, need more information just call.


Marge Roten – 818-780-2308                   Ally Treptow - 818-378-7477


Thank you, our friends and supporters for all you have given to make the music happen for our youth and families that may never have had an opportunity to have the experiences and exposure to classical music. Again, please stay well, stay safe, and we hope to see you soon!

Marge Roten, Founder/President